We Live Entrepreneurship

JODE provides a place for people to think big and rewards dedicated people who take responsibility for granted. Our employees live and think as entrepreneurs and act as leaders in their field of activity.

At JODE there is recognition and reward in return for a high demand for performance. Support us in the procurement and marketing of raw materials, the handling of logistics routes and become part of our unique corporate culture.

We promote the difference

For our company, integrity, respect and diversity are part of our culture. We value every individual of every background and respect regardless of age, religion, nationality, gender and ability. We give all our employees the same opportunity to follow a clear career path.

For JODE, integrity is a fundamental element of our corporate culture and is an important basis for success in all forms of our fields of activity.

A secure workplace

The health and safety of our employees are considered and respected at all times. We provide a safe workplace where each individual is an important part of our company. JODE pays attention to the most modern work equipment for employees in order to grant a smooth and safe place.

We want to find new ways to reach our goals more effectively.

We are a company with decades of experience
on a national and international level.

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