How we add value

We source raw materials from smelters, mines and primary & secondary products and meet the consumption needs of smelters, automotive industry and other industrial consumers. We supply our customers, including manufacturers, end users and government agencies, with the resources they need.

Marketing of raw materials

We offer our customers a variety of primary and secondary products for their finished goods. Our global supplier network is an important factor in this. 


Our chartering specialists are involved in every process, making the movement of goods easier for our customers.


JODE, in addition to sourcing and marketing primary raw materials, also places a high value on recycling secondary raw materials. We see waste as the key to consistency.


We show our customers how, with JODE's decades of industry experience, they can turn any strategic hurdle into a realizable advantage. 

Our own fleet of vehicles ensures the punctual delivery of your goods.
Consistent standards and responsible work across a broad spectrum.

Goods and commodities

JODE offers a variety goods and commodities for the consumption of customers.  

Aluminum profiles

Whether standard profiles, Bosch profiles, item profiles - we offer aluminum profiles for every purpose.

Automotive parts

We supply our customers with customized automotive parts for the production of new motor vehicles.


We support agricultural companies with our agricultural products, and have become indispensable as a reliable partner.

Billets and Ingots

Aluminum melted products such as billets and ingots are among the most widely used products we market.


We sell unprocessed wood and its products such as wood chips or pellets to our customers.

Copper cathodes

High-quality copper products such as cathodes require an appropriate level of knowledge, which we offer to our customers.

Packaging Material

We supply logistic groups and production of consumer goods with packaging materials such as pallets, lattice boxes and stacking frames.


Polyethylene terephthalate - PET bottles, granules and blanks are part of our wide range.

Healthy Growth is Fundamental

We invest in infrastructure, warehousing and transportation around the world to deliver resources on time to our customers where they are needed. 
Scaling of the group and strategically significant alliances in industries provide JODE with the ability to realize investments and financing in a cost-effective manner. We create and complement local infrastructure and develop multimodal logistics to streamline and simplify supply chains.

Globales Denken mit dem Ansatz der regionalen Umsetzung steht bei uns für Wachstum

We are a company with decades of experience on a national and also international level.

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